Startling New NSA Leak Revelations

- Shazam and SoundHound listen to more than your music

“Your Smart Phone is a CIA bug” – Edward Snowden CIA Whistleblower

Your popular music apps turn your smart phone into a bug that allows the CIA to spy on you and record all your home and face-to-face conversations – according to NSA leak.

NSA leak claims CIA uses music apps<br />like SHAZAM to bug your home

NSA leak claims the CIA uses music apps
like SHAZAM to bug your home

CIA Whistle blower, Edward Snowden responsible for National Security Agency NSA leak, has more startling revelations.

CIA owns Shazam and Soundhound music apps
The NSA leak claims the CIA secretly purchased SoundHound and Shazam music apps which are designed to listen to ambient music and tell you what song you are listening to.

CIA hack turns Shazam into NSA spy bug
CIA hacked the apps to not only record your music but to listen and pass on all ambient sound whenever the phone is left powered on. Shazam reports 300 million users and Sound Hound(Midomi) reporting over 100 million.

Takes phone surveillance to a whole new level.
If these NSA leaks are true – This escalates telephone surveillance to a new whole new level.

400 million CIA bugs
It virtually puts an audio bug into over 400 million homes or pockets.

The Edward Snowden NSA leak goes on to say These SoundHound / Shazam recordings have been going on for 3 years and are routed to NSA “listening post” computers, which analyze for specific security-related keywords.

Huge NSA database
They have accumulated a huge database of private conversations AND musical tastes of Americans and terrorists who use these apps.

Surprising musical findings
Results indicate for some reason Justin Bieber’s songs as well as country music seem to be popular with suspected terrorists.

Smoking gun
Until now musical taste hasn’t been high on CIA radar. NSA leak further reveals that the Boston bombers were country-western and Bieber fans.


NSA (National Security Agency)
Listening Post Langley CIA headquarters

Now the ability to profile the musical tastes of suspected terrorists has prompted CIA to start tracking iTunes purchases and initializing surveillance on people who purchase these flagged musical genres. The system is being perfected to minimize false arrests.

CIA won’t confirm these latest NSA Leaks
The CIA wouldn’t confirm the Edward Snowden NSA leaked allegations of SoundHound and Shazam tampering

NSA speaks out
However a spokesperson for the national security agency had this to say:

“Not all these NSA leaks are true. I’m not saying we are or we aren’t using music apps as bugs.
But we will use any technology we can in the war on terrorism. Even listening in on household conversations.
If people aren’t doing anything wrong than they’ve got nothing to fear.

A small loss of musical and personal privacy is a small price to pay for national security.”

And so it goes.

Broaden your mind – Shazam  and SoundHound app sites or  real Edward Snowden NSA Leaks on WikiLeaks

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